CARA is a user interface and business rules engine ensuring corporate and regulatory compliance, including FCPA, HIPAA and SEC compliance.

Designed as a fast single web application, CARA connects individually or simultaneously to multiple platforms. CARA facilitates the creation, review, approval and management of documents, and now comes in a pre-configured version providing full coverage of human resource documentation use cases.

Security and control
CARA’s flexible security model ensures full compliance for access control and system rights. With our secure audit trail and version control, you can also track and report who did what in the system and when. CARA’s airtight integration with Documentum, Oracle Webcenter, and Alfresco also ensure that content is safeguarded to the regulation standard.

CARA only operates on tried-and-tested secure repositories and with flexible retention rules CARA also automatically maintains content. Indexing and meta-data driven searching enables quick retrieval of content in the system.

In addition to a high level of performance and usability, CARA provides functionality to control and report on documents. Underpinned by its extensive configuration capabilities, it allows rapid setup and configuration of the repository to requirements.