RapidDeploy for Human Resources

is a configuration package of the standard CARA product to provide functionality required for managing all kinds of HR documentation. It covers document creation, review, approval and signature, as well as per-document security. The package is rounded off with full reporting and workflow / lifecycle management.

The CARA Portal has search /viewing capabilities to allow staff members to view their file or company policies.

  • Manage all standard HR documents including
    • Hiring (job descriptions, application and cover letters, screening and interview records, negotiations, I9s, background checks, education and employment verification, reference checks, contracts, confidentiality agreements, rejection letters, agency agreements, offer letters)
    • Compliance documents for Department of Labor, the EEOC, JCAHO and Homeland Security
    • Resumes, training (certificates, transcripts, diplomas etc)
    • Employee benefits, medical, insurance, disability and military records
    • Vacation, sick leave, leave of absence
    • Appraisals / evaluations and self-assessments
    • Correspondence
    • Payroll, timesheet, expense reports, COBRA notifications and tax records
    • Relocation and transfer documentation
    • Promotions and raises
    • Warnings, disciplinary records, complaints, counseling sessions
    • Off-boarding, termination, resignation, exit interviews
    • Company policies, procedures, employee handbook and other general access documentation
  • Self-service – staff can create vacation requests or other maintenance documents and have them routed in HR
  • Scanning, OCR and full text searching using Captiva from EMC Documentum.
  • Dynamic per-document Security based on any combination of properties.
  • Workflows for Review, Approval and more – configurable to match your existing or new processes.
  • Structures to create a staff file.
  • Watermarking of documents on view or print. Capturing audit and eSignature on actions such as HR approval or an employee viewing / printing their file.
  • Fully multi-lingual including many European languages as well as Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.

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