Human Resources

Maintaining staff records and employment documents has never been easier.

CARA is a user interface and business rules engine ensuring corporate compliance and confidentiality. Designed as a fast single web application to connect individually or simultaneously to multiple platforms, it facilitates the creation, review, approval and management of documents, and now comes in a pre-configured version providing full coverage of human resource documentation use cases.

CARA’s flexible security model ensures full compliance for access control and system rights. With our secure audit trail and version control, you can also track and report who did what in the system and when.

CV Management

When an applicant applies for a position, the applicant can simply drag and drop his or her CV into a portal, along with any other information or attachments desired. All email communications including attachments can be automatically managed and stored within CARA, making it easy to track, review, and respond to applications.

Sharing Information

CARA allows human resource specialists to track, update, and securely store current staff records. When sharing records and information within the company or with outside parties, CARA ensures compliance, giving tailored access to content.

Reports and Audit Trail

With Dashboards in CARA, Human Resources specialists can monitor employee documents and generate reports, as well as maintain an audit trail to track changes in the system.