Law firms work with internal teams and external organizations such as clients, government agencies, subject matter experts or external counsel for the preparation of material (including M&A, regulatory submissions and more) for legal proceedings, litigation and corporate activity. Document collaboration and preparation with multiple parties is integral to this process.

CARA is a secure user interface and business rules engine ensuring corporate confidentiality and regulatory compliance. Designed as a fast single web application to connect individually or simultaneously to multiple platforms, such as case management and document management systems, CARA facilitates the creation, review, approval and management of documents all in one place.

CARA allows you to manage all the court information, contacts, settlement offers, staffing, cases and tasks expected from a case management system and can integrate with any Web API enabled external system.

CARA’s powerful simple and advanced search functions allow you to find and track documents in the system. By keeping all your information and content in one secure place, law firms and courts can eliminate the risk of losing information over time and ensure privacy. Our CARA mobile app for iOS and Android also allows secure access to your content on-the-go.

In addition to a high level of performance and usability, CARA provides functionality to control and report on documents. Underpinned by its extensive configuration capabilities, it also allows rapid setup and configuration of the repository to requirements.