Organize your Sales and Marketing materials in one place.

CARA can help centralise and track iterations of all your sales and marketing materials. With almost limitless format support including CAD, you can collaboratively review materials, share with colleagues and publish all within CARA. With our preview panel, and the seamlessly integrated annotation and review tools of our partners, storing, processing, and tracking content in one system is simple.

With our tasks, tags and intelligent search, you can get the right content instantly online or on-the-go with our CARA mobile applications. CARA’s task manager and audit trail help you to keep track of where the content is in a workflow, right down to the individual employee level.

CARA benefits

Maximise the user experience
simple to learn and use and personalised to each individual’s requirements

Access and manage content from one place
a single destination user interface, integrated seamlessly with multiple systems

Meet corporate and regulatory standards
configure CARA to suit your exact requirements

Supports the full document lifecycle
from creation to access, search, review, approval and publication

Automate manual processes
with CARA workflows

Easily navigate and search content
CARA provides multiple ways to access the information you need

Securely access content on the go
our mobile apps give you the full CARA experience

Securely share information with external partners
secure third-party access, watermarking and more