End to End solutions for Utilities and Energy

Generis CARA, our fast, friendly and flexible User Interface for leading content management systems,
offers a comprehensive solution for Utility and Energy companies.

Regulated utilities and energy companies have to produce and manage huge amounts of documentation and content in order to maintain compliance. Examples include the policies, procedures and safety guidelines to ensure a compliant working environment and the reports, submissions and other documentation associated with regulatory filings.

Furthermore, minimising operating expenses, increasing operational efficiency and delivering maximum value to customers and shareholders puts pressure on IT departments to deliver solutions that satisfy business requirements but minimise overheads.

CARA facilitates this process by providing a unique user interface over your underlying systems for the creation, review, approval and management of documents and other content. As CARA is underpinned by a business rules configuration layer, setup is rapid and the repository can be set up to meet corporate requirements. Without the associated cost of implementing new systems or extensive in-house work, CARA is designed to provide high performance and usability at a fraction of the cost.

CARA’s key features include:

users in CARA can choose the way CARA looks and works for them

Flexible Navigation
Users and admins can build their own navigation tree for both simple and complex queries

With seven different ways to search, CARA provides quick ways for users to get their information

One-click display of information
CARA widgets show all you need to know about a document

Different views for different users
Define different views for different user groups or usage scenarios, allowing users to work in the way that best supports their processes.

Simplified User Experiences
Different experiences designed for different users, whether occasional or heavy users, external partners or remote access

Comprehensive Dashboards and Reports
report on any metadata and show the results as tables, charts or graphs, with easy export to Excel

Extend core features
CARA provides access to all the core features of the underlying system, while offering extensions and improvements to many

Fully Configurable AND Customisable
allowing the setup of different use cases, for fast deployment and easy validation

Rich REST web services layer
Easily integrate third party applications