The fastest, most easy-to-use, scaleable & configurable user interface and business rules engine for Documentum, Oracle WebCenter and Alfresco.

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CARA © PATENT PENDING is an ergonomically designed, fast, web user interface and business rules engine for Documentum, Oracle WebCenter and Alfresco. It is designed to facilitate the creation, review, approval and management of documents. Now certified on Documentum 7.

CARA covers 100% of core repository functionality while also providing performance enhancements and ergonomic improvements. In addition, CARA provides new functionality to better manage controlled documents such as SOPs or complex documents such as reports or submissions through CARA Structures and through reporting tools like the Task Manager and Status Manager. CARA is underpinned by an extensive business rules engine which allows rapid setup and configuration of the docbase to requirements.

The following is a list of features offered through CARA:

  • Quick, ergonomic and intuitive front end that runs in a browser but works like a standard Desktop application (right-click menus, drag & drop, and other such features)
  • Provides multiple views of documents: Docbase, Structure (Virtual Document) and My-Desk including Tasks and Favorites.
  • Displays supporting information in Widgets Pane: Locations, Related Documents, Renditions, Tasks and Versions or any other widgets you build to include.
  • Login to multiple User Experiences including Desktop-in-a-browser, Explorer, My WidgetSpace and Portal.
  • Integrates MS Office and Adobe directly within the application.
  • Displays document content and attributes with a single mouse click.
  • Filters information based on user-defined criteria – enables different, user-specific views of information.
  • Leverages core repository functionality (mostly using CMIS) like version control, security and audit trail.
  • CARA Structure expands functionality and improves usability of virtual documents.
  • Summary and reporting views of workflows, status, searches across multiple documents, with Export to Excel feature.
  • Fully multi-lingual including many European languages as well as Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.


Dimensions and SnapLists
Users can build their own tree (“Dimensions”), choosing any property or query for each level of the tree. Admins can configure SnapLists for users which gives a tree visualization to complex queries.

Extensible panel showing widgets – choose from core set (e.g. properties, renditions, thumbnails) or create your own, linking in any web service as a widget e.g. database view, portlets. Rearrange with drag & drop.

View Management
Define different views for different user groups / usage scenarios. Specify different properties, widgets, filters, and other options, allowing users to work in the way that best supports their processes.

My WidgetSpace and User Experiences
My WidgetSpace is a custom page where users can select which elements of the repository (e.g. specific folders, Inbox only, Preview Panels) they wish to see and work with. My WidgetSpace is one of the multiple User Experiences available with CARA>

The Dashboard is a dynamic place to assemble query results. Add any query to the dashboard, and results can be shown as tables, charts or graphs, exported to Excel or embedded as widgets in the main view.

Fully Customizable
CARA can now be fully customized - add any menu item, custom screen (CARA, HTML, JSP, applet or custom) and define the processing (DQL, server method, RESTful web service, JavaScript).

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