Structured Content Authoring

Structured Content Authoring is of particular importance for regulated industries where producing consistent and compliant documentation and other information is of extreme importance. Initially developed by Generis for product labeling for pharmaceutical companies, this is of equal importance where the creation of compliant and frequently complex documents requires the inclusion of uniform content which meets both corporate and other regulatory standards.


CARA offers various options for Structured Content Authoring:

Using Microsoft Word

Using Microsoft Word – individual components can be built, saved and assembled into a document structure.

Metadata objects

these can be identified as individual blocks of information which CARA then dynamically renders into PDF for review and approval.

3rd party tools

CARA supports integration of multiple third party editing tools (XML or other formats) whilst handling the assembly of the components and their reuse in the repository.

Once created, individual components can be versioned in different assemblies of content, which can be graphically viewed in CARA. Additionally, components can be traced to where they have been used where it can be identified if and what edits have been made.

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