Hosting options

CARA can be purchased either as an on-premise installation and run on the organisation’s internal equipment, or alternatively as a Generis cloud solution service. Whilst the majority of our customers install CARA on premise, more are opting for our Cloud services.

Cloud services

Generis with Infosys Cloud solutions lend themselves to different client requirements, providing a specific service suitable for each. With over 99.9% uptime and delivering a secure and compliant service through ISO 27001 you can be secure in the knowledge that our cloud services provide high service availability, reliability, compliance, security, privacy and full control of data.

Private Cloud

  • Uses Infosys production cloud. This is an enterprise-grade private cloud IT Infrastructure. Infosys production cloud is a ISO 27001 certified, fully compliant cloud hosting solution.
  • Ensures security, privacy and control of client data.
  • Currently used by a large pharmaceutical company with over 20,000 users.

Public Cloud

  • Infosys has partnerships with major cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.
  • Extensive experience in cloud hosting for major customers for pharmaceutical and other industry verticals.
  • This is an economical solution for smaller organizations.

Adopting CARA with Infosys Cloud as your hosting solution means that there is no need for internal system support, so reducing overheads and support costs. In addition, it allows multiple organisations to share common access to content in real time, as internal and external partners can be easily and securely added, enhancing both collaboration and efficiency.

Please contact us to understand which solution is best for you.