Company History

Explore the history of Generis, from its roots as a consultancy to the launch of the CARA Platform.

Company Timeline

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Generis was founded by James Kelleher in 1998 as a consultancy group for knowledge & document management processes

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The first version of CARA is commissioned and released for Bristol Myers Squibb as a flexible user interface and business rules engine for compliant applications on Documentum

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The first major overhaul of CARA sees the replacement of Documentum features with enhanced native features, and the introduction of flexible user interfaces & portals

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CARA becomes available in the cloud, beginning the transition to a cloud-first platform

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The next generation, cloud-first CARA Platform is released, separating from Documentum and Oracle technologies, and ushering in a new era of blended content & data management possibilities

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Generis celebrates 20 years of content, data, and business process management for regulated industries, with the formalisation of the comprehensive CARA Life Sciences Platform, and a new generation of customers and partners leveraging the CARA Platform as a low-code platform for business applications