CARA vs Alfresco

Alfresco was developed by the same team behind the Documentum platform, and as such shares much in common in the legacy approach to content and data management.

CARA was rebuilt from the ground up as a standalone cloud-first application, with modern design principles, use of fast database and indexing technology (think Google speeds rather than traditional content management systems) and a focus on providing a tailored user experience in a highly configurable but compliant way to end users of differing profiles.

Rather than a one-size fits all (typically lowest common denominator) approach, CARA allows you to set up a series of interconnected data / document sets, with business processes taking you through your daily work with all the information to support your task, just a click away.

This enables us to serve the highly regulated use cases alongside the informal enterprise content management needs equally easily.

Ask us for a demo or access to our Cloud Sandbox to see how we can provide value above other systems such as Alfresco.



Content Services – ECM
Content Services – ECM
Process Service – BPM
Governance – Records Management
Application Development Framework
Configuration vs Coding
Openness – Integrations
Ease of Use
Global Enterprise Scale
Data and information flow across use cases / repositories

All “value add” modules included out of the box (no additional cost, no third parties):

Geotagging and maps navigation
Visualisation of external data sources
Visual form designer
Integration with SharePoint and Google
Connect to / store data in other data stores e.g. Alfresco, Documentum, Box, SharePoint as well as own data store
FileManager for single click editing and other options
Structures (virtual documents)
Configure facets / filters in OOB configuration
Configure workflow with easy GUI in the application (Alfresco requires Activiti)
Watermarking / eSignature pages
PDF renditions
Structured Content Authoring