Requirements & Design – Dream, Create, Rationalise, Track

We have developed a unique process for Requirements & Design gathering using our Technical Execution Descriptions (TEDs) to foster mutual, detailed understanding.​​

We run workshops to capture the Business Explanations behind each User Requirement. We then write a Technical Execution Description for each of those Business Explanations to explain exactly how it will be achieved in CARA. The end result is a detailed, traceable explanation of the What, Why, and How for every single requirement.​


Configuration – The Best Way in a Million Ways

CARA is the most configurable content services and information management platform on the market. There are over 40,000 options to help tailor your system. While we offer great Out-of-the-Box solutions, our customers often want to personalise their systems to fit and enhance their business processes. ​​

Our Client Delivery teams know the best way to achieve your design goals, and work on average 4x the speed of external consultants due to their expertise. This incredible delivery time and quality sets our team apart, ensuring the best CARA experience possible.​


Environment Support​

Generis provides a series of environments in order to streamline the test and validation process, whether you’re implementing in the cloud or on premise. Our design, sandbox, development, test, and production environments are kept separate to ensure compliant, traceable implementation.



Our validation team has decades of experience in regulated industries, taking the burden off the customer. Of course, we test our own software, but we will also ensure that any configuration changes that we make together to tailor the product to your processes, are carefully and efficiently validated. The great thing about CARA is that we’re not customising the product, only configuring – which drastically reduces validation time.


Training &

We offer comprehensive training for our tools – both end user training, and adminstrator / technical classes.  These are instructor-led which can be online or in person, and we also offer training videos, webinars, eLearning and documentation.

In addition to the standard Tier 3 support for our software, we offer 24/7 Tier 2 application support.