CAD Integrations

Law firms work with internal teams and external organizations such as clients, government agencies, subject matter experts or external counsel for the preparation of material (including M&A, regulatory submissions and more) for legal proceedings, litigation and corporate activity. Document collaboration and preparation with multiple parties is integral to this process.

Enterprise Engineering Management. A comprehensive CARA solution for engineering professionals including CAD and Transmittals.


Create, schedule, track, and transmittals for multiple documents with CARA’s audit trails.

CAD integration

Seamless continuity between CAD title block data and document properties in CARA.

Reference Files

Manage AutoCAD xRefs linked to master drawings.

Batch Import & Export

Import and export entire folder structures with metadata in Excel.

Enterprise Engineering Management

Managing engineering documentation is a complex matter involving CAD files with multiple layers / reference files, a review and approval process, and transmittals or bulk import / export to share documentation with partners.CARA provides the tools to manage the entire process.


  • Compile transmittals with our revolutionary CARA Structures tool:
    • Easy drag-and-drop assembly
    • True multi-user environment: silent check-in and check-out
    • Filter and context -create one transmittal, with different appearances for each recipient
  • Automatically generate cover sheet
  • Extensive Lifecycleand Workflow support
  • Pre-plan the distribution of your document pack by scheduling review stages of your transmittal’s workflow
  • Review the transmittal internally, and track user comments and annotations

CAD Integrations

  • CAD title block information is matched and converted to the values of properties within CARA, and these are constantly updated
  • Reference files are all checked out or downloaded when editing a layer, and synchronized back on checkin, based on user selection
  • Without changing the way users are used to working with CAD, their work is automatically synchronized with CARA and organized efficiently on an enterprise level•View and annotate drawings within CARA using the fully integrated tool

Simply Works

  • Batch Import/Export capabilities allow for the control and organization of large numbers of documents entering and leaving CARA e.g. hand over of an entire documentation set including metadata to a contract partner
  • Filters and extremely customizable user experiences streamline the process of finding and managing documents
  • Collaboration, annotation, delegation, review, tracking, reporting, and audit trails are never further than one click away
  • CARA has a full no-coding configuration layer built in to allow for lightening deployment and easier validation, but also has a “configurable customization” allowing easy extensions