Contract Management

The process of creating and reviewing contracts, comparison versions, and working with external parties for review / approval and signature (including digital signature with our DocuSign / AdobeSign integrations) is supported fully in CARA, together with automatic expiry of workflows and triggering of renewal workflows.

Streamline your processes to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

The CARA solution for Contracts Management lets you manage contract lifecycles more efficiently and compliantly. It manages contractual documents from initial draft through review, approval, negotiation and amendment, together with their related files. 

Contracts can be authored from templates, including generating a document based on existing components, with CARA’s Microsoft Office integration, inline previews and integrations with digital signature, annotation and collaboration tools keeping content away from your C-Drive and compliant.

CARA’s task manager and audit trail let you track contracts through tasks, and our Dashboards generate instant, exportable reports including contracts coming up for renewal or obsoleting.

CARA is underpinned by its highly evolved configuration capabilities, which allow rapid configuration of the system making it easy to meet both compliance and business needs requirements.