End to End for Life Sciences

Intelligent Content Services Platform for
RIM, Regulatory / R&D, Safety, Clinical, Nonclinical, Quality GxP, CMC, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Information / Medical Affairs… and beyond

Enable information flow across the enterprise
Streamline processes and reduce costs

Senior leaders from across the AstraZeneca business were genuinely taken by surprise by the extent of the positive reaction to CARA … they had never before seen such a turnaround in user sentiment from a system improvement initiative, nor one accomplished so seamlessly and smoothly

ASHLEY BIRCH Global Head, Information Strategy Systems and Analytics, AstraZeneca

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The assets of your company lie in the information related to your products, but the actual value of these assets is realized only by your ability to find and use that content or data easily.

CARA allows for the creation of a seamless flow of content and information through our End-to-End for Life Sciences Platform – that’s why 60% of the top global 15 Life Science companies use CARA for the uses cases below.


CARA’s key features include:

End to End RIM with CARA

Unlock Your Vaults

Learn how CARA can help replace the pains of siloed ’vaults’, and create a seamless content and information flow in your Enterprise.

Take the challenge at no cost and see how CARA can replace your individual solutions with a truly integrated platform.