Permits and Applications

CARA streamlines the application and review process, saving time and money.

Submitting & Receiving Permits

Using quickly-configured forms, building permits and applications can be submitted painlessly through a portal. Applicants can easily attach documents, information and photos with their applications, and these can be reviewed in CARA using our viewing tool. For extra attachments and information sent via email, CARA automatically extracts both the information and the attached content for easy processing in one place.

Reviewing Applications

Once in the system, applications and their related documents can be handled by CARA’s task feature. Employees and external stakeholders can issue, receive and complete tasks in their CARA inbox online or even on the go using the CARA mobile app. This way, applications never have to leave the system, ensuring total security. CARA’s task manager allows administrators to check the status of an application, and address delays in the process.

Issuing / Viewing Permits

Permits and supporting documents can be issued and/or viewed by the recipient or the general public via the CARA Portal, which is a view into the core repository showing only files which are marked for display in the portal, thus ensuring they are always up to date and that you do not require a separate mechanism to publish out the content to a separate web server.