Human Resources

Maintaining staff records and employment documents has never been easier.

Streamline your processes to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

CARA facilitates the creation, review, and approval of documents and data for Human Resources.  The portal allows staff to view and update their information in a secure manner.

HR Documents

CARA has templates and associated metadata and workflows for all the standard documents for HR, from candidate selection through hiring, ongoing job development including annual reviews, vacation requests and other recurring events such as payroll records, to the termination. This is all done within the context of granular security with different levels of visibility of data for HR Manager, HR users, and the staff member themselves.

HR Portal

The CARA portal gives staff members the ability to view their employee file and even make changes such as updating their CV or providing feedback on annual reviews.

HR Data

Uniquely, it is possible to manage the data associated with HR documentation, for example vacation requests, timesheets and other pure data cases. These are visible and managed in the same ergonomic UI as the documentation, providing a seamless experience for HR professionals and staff members alike.

The CARA Portal has search /viewing capabilities to allow staff members to view their file or company policies.

  • Manage all standard HR documents including
    • Hiring (job descriptions, application and cover letters, screening and interview records, negotiations, I9s, background checks, education and employment verification, reference checks, contracts, confidentiality agreements, rejection letters, agency agreements, offer letters)
    • Compliance documents for Department of Labor, the EEOC, JCAHO and Homeland Security
    • Resumes, training (certificates, transcripts, diplomas etc)
    • Employee benefits, medical, insurance, disability and military records
    • Vacation, sick leave, leave of absence
    • Appraisals / evaluations and self-assessments
    • Correspondence
    • Payroll, timesheet, expense reports, COBRA notifications and tax records
    • Relocation and transfer documentation
    • Promotions and raises
    • Warnings, disciplinary records, complaints, counseling sessions
    • Off-boarding, termination, resignation, exit interviews
    • Company policies, procedures, employee handbook and other general access documentation
  • Self-service – staff can create vacation requests or other maintenance documents and have them routed in HR
  • Scanning, OCR and full text searching using Captiva from EMC Documentum.
  • Dynamic per-document Security based on any combination of properties.
  • Workflows for Review, Approval and more – configurable to match your existing or new processes.
  • Structures to create a staff file.
  • Watermarking of documents on view or print. Capturing audit and eSignature on actions such as HR approval or an employee viewing / printing their file.
  • Fully multi-lingual including many European languages as well as Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.

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