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The CARA Workspace audits everything, from individual data value changes, to auditing user activity, workflows, versioning, and lifecycle. Whatever you build on the CARA Workspace, you can ensure total compliance.


Your enterprise information is your biggest asset, but employees are using dozens of tools and applications for their work, with disconnected systems for authoring, reviewing, presenting, data entry, research, formal processes, collaboration, reporting and communication – even just searching for information.

This slows down your organisation, as people try to learn what is happening and where, leading to time-consuming re-work and missed opportunities to share and re-use content and data across the enterprise.

The CARA Workspace integrates all your business tools and traditional productivity apps into one compliant platform, centralising information and work, making it easier to re-use documents and data from one business process to another.

Business Process & Automation

Most enterprise information is stored in systems and then downloaded or shared with other employees when they need to work with it. At best, a few systems may be dedicated to supporting individual business processes with that content or data. Your employees are guided by training, transferring and updating information from one system to another, introducing natural human error, delays and work-arounds.

The CARA Workspace enables a new way of working for regulated industries, guiding people through their work by digitizing each step of their business processes, automating repetitive or time-consuming tasks, and intelligently providing the information, notifications, and context they need to do their jobs.


Collaborative work is faster than individual work and review processes. Yet many collaboration tools cannot be used for compliant processes, leaving regulated industries trapped in old ways of working.
Without a secure, flexible platform for collaboration, employees download content or data and share it by email or other cloud collaboration services that are not compliant.

By established collaboration points in the many systems supporting your business processes today, you can enable limited collaborative work, but the lack of flexibility and granularity means people will still go around your processes to do their work more efficiently.

With the compliant capabilities of audit trailing, versioning, and controlled access for users, groups, partners and affiliates applied to collaborative work, the CARA Workspace enables a new generation of enterprise-wide productivity for regulated industries.

Our Testimonials

  • As a closet-case developer, I think I couldn’t have designed the product any better. We chose the product because it was a clear leader among the others. It is truly a great product and designed with the user in mind (simplicity to achieve business processes).

    IT Technical Lead Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • We did a comparison of D2 vs. CARA to replace Webtop and found CARA to be far superior in the features our users, as well as Administrators, value. In addition to a very robust, stable, and highly configurable product, there were two other things that tipped the scales dramatically in favor of CARA. One was the responsiveness of Generis to suggestions for enhancements and the remarkable turn-around time in which we were given the updates for testing purposes.Read the Press Release.

    Barb Buschmann IT Director, Sargento
  • This is truly remarkable. I honestly do not recall ever seeing a sentiment change of this magnitude from improvement of a system. This is a fantastic accomplishment and completed seamlessly.

    Ashley Birch Global Head, Information Strategy, Systems and Analytics at AstraZeneca
  • I would like to express to you the enthusiasm that me and my team have, since CARA replaced our previous system! CARA is easier to use and faster! If our previous system was moving at the speed of a bus, CARA is moving at the speed of a fighter aircraft! Now we do not wait for minutes to refresh the page and proceed! I really cannot express how big the impact is to our everyday interactions with the system! Please share my appreciation to the team who approved it and developed it! They have done a fantastic job!

    Head of Regulatory Affairs Multinational BioPharmaceutical Company
  • The responsiveness of Generis to suggestions for enhancements and the remarkable turn-around time in which we were given the updates tipped the scales