Intelligent Content Services Platform

Full ECM with Seamless Enterprise connections
Streamline your processes and reduce costs while improving efficiency


User Interface

No compromise between business functionality and individual need. CARA is designed to provide a range of user experiences from a simple portal to a functionally rich business tool.


Metadata is the essence of an intelligent enterprise system. In CARA, we use metadata to help drive business process, content creation, and data handling.


CARA has more that 40,000 configuration settings. That’s our the secret ingredient for creating leading solutions across a dozen industries specific to our customers’ requirements. But don’t worry, we also offer Out of the Box solutions tailored by decades of experience.


Granular, category-based security down to the document, group, and user level. Our security allows for complex conditional rules based on any piece of metadata. This means that if you can define a rule, it can be created in CARA.


CARA leads the industry in performance. We use technology from Elastic to return millions of documents in under a second. This unprecedented searching power is controlled by intuitive filters and quick search.


Any data in the system can be reported on using filters, graphs where you can click on data points and see the underlying data or documents that make it up, and reports over time = analytics.


Tasks in CARA perform all of the traditional content-based workflow functionality, including multi-step, conditional, automated and fully audited processes. However, we realise that business processes drive your workflows, not just documents. That’s why in CARA, our Tasks can also handle content-less activities.

Customisation as Configuration

When 40,000 configuration options just aren’t enough, you can always extend the system without customising the code. Instead, we embed these extension points within the configuration itself. This unique approach means that you can upgrade CARA worry-free.

AI & Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence programme is unique within the ECM space. We are focused on creating deeply integrated algorithms that aid business process. We have a whole selection of modules to choose from, as well as consultants who can help apply our algorithms for independent projects.

When you do something well, nobody will be sure you’ve done anything at all…


Compliance is at the core of our software. CARA is designed for regulated industries, and was born as an application for a major pharmaceutical company. Our security, auditing, and system design, and team of specialists ensure help you stay compliant.

Our Core Industries


Financial Services
Financial Services


Life Sciences
Life Sciences

Utilities and Energy
Utilities and Energy

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