“When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all…”
– Futurama 2002

Our artificial intelligence programme is unique within the ECM space. We are focused on creating deeply integrated algorithms that aid business processes. Our goal is to continually develop a curated collection of modules to choose from, as well as provide consultant knowledge to help apply our algorithms for independent customer projects.


CARA Assistant

Our chatbot, the CARA Assistant, uses advanced natural language processing to automatically understand the user’s message and respond accordingly. The CARA Assistant will be seamlessly integrated within CARA itself, allowing users to trigger everyday tasks and functions.

“Show me all documents that I authored that are still in a task”

“Create a new clinical protocol study attachment”

“Can you Send an Approval Task to Sam?”

We can tailor the CARA Assistant to your needs as a business, whether this is as a first line of support for the user to answer FAQs, or a helpful companion to guide the user through their business process. The choice is in your hands.


The Librarian

Many companies struggle with incorrect, outdated, or incomplete metadata, sometimes on a massive scale. The Librarian can help correct that, and stop it from occurring again in the future.

The Librarian can analyse metadata patterns in your system, and spot anomalies. Perhaps you have 400 documents that were imported wrongly in 1990 – the Librarian will compare the metadata patterns and relationships of these documents, and report that they do not match the other documents of that type in the system.

This tool can also enhance document creation. For metadata that is not critical for user completion, the Librarian can read the document and complete the metadata with a very high level of accuracy in the background. This can drastically speed up the document creation process. Both functions of the Librarian work together: in the rare occurrence that a non-critical piece of metadata has been given an incorrect value, this will be flagged when compared to other documents of the same type.


The Writer (Coming 2021-2022)

Automatic text generation has just started to enter the ECM space. Currently, the majority of solutions are very limited in terms of what the AI system is actually capable of generating on its own. AI text generation solutions usually struggle to maintain the logical flow of text for more than a couple paragraphs.

However, by applying a structured authoring approach with pre-written segments, The Writer can help you to generate content intelligently. The Writer inhabits the gray area between working from templates and duplicating content that then needs to be edited and updated. For a given type of document, The Writer can apply the appropriate sections of content, including adding or replacing relevant metadata values within the text.


The Translator (Coming 2021-2022)

The Translator will employ best-of-breed algorithms from AI titans, but with industry-specific training. Following our philosophy of tightly integrating these algorithms, we will enable the ability for instant translation down to the metadata level on our properties forms.


The Curator (Coming 2021-2022)

Google are industry-leaders in making models for image and video recognition and analysis. The Curator will employ these models in our intuitive CARA UI to bring the full power of general market AI to regulated industries.

Work with our team of professionals to understand how we can help enrich your business processes with AI. We’re happy just to advise.