City of Sacramento Streamlines its Operations and Efficiencies with the CARA Content Management Platform from Generis.

Sacramento aspire to be the best managed city in California. This vision is being made possible through Generis’ CARA platform.

Success Highlights

growth Driving greater efficiencies and service levels by reforming existing data flows.
organise Reduced complexities by introducing a streamlined way to organize and categorize documents as well as the ability to tailor search templates.
opinion User experience enhanced through one simple, easy to use platform.

City of Sacramento

Sacramento, capital of the U.S state of California, was founded in 1849. It is the oldest incorporated city in California.

A culturally diverse community with over 490,000 residents. Over 35,000 businesses and 97.92 square miles of land.

The Goal

To find an exceptional user interface for the Documentum repository and to improve the overall user experience for document management.

The Challenges Faced

Volume and Accessibility

Government agencies are notorious for creating large number of paper documents for each business process. Timely document availability is critical, and retention is of utmost importance as many documents have historical value so cannot be lost.

When the city of Sacramento rolled out Records and Document Management it was apparent that internal users encountered many issues with locating correct documents quickly in a system that was not user-friendly or intuitive, but on which they were dependent for their work.

Many of these issues were costing time and requiring additional resources for each department as they had to cross-verify the data with paper documents or faced regulatory compliance issues. This resulted in frustration and increased operational cost for the department.


There were many challenges with the legacy system’s user interface and its lack of ability to deliver search results and documents. Various business units were therefore resisting adoption of the technology due to the challenge of its usability and the extensive training required.

The CARA Platform provided:

Robust configurability
Consolidated a network of legacy platforms
Fast and intuitive User Interface
Powerful search functionality

The solution

Generis’ flagship product, CARA, has been implemented citywide as the new user interface application, on top of the Documentum repository.

The Generis ‘One user one licence’ approach means that the city can leverage the platform for multiple business functions including contracts, meeting minutes, ordinance, resolution, budget, financial, HR, utilities bills and more.

CARA offers dynamic metadata-driven folder structures (“Dimensions”) which make it easy for end-users to locate documents quickly, enhanced by an intuitive and powerful search function. Implementation was straightforward, and the City of Sacramento was able to onboard all departments easily.

The productivity of users increased by a significant factor, leading to cost / time savings and greater user satisfaction.

Why Generis?

The customer evaluated solutions from 3 vendors. The evaluation panel looked at the ease of use and functional capabilities as the primary criteria for selecting the solution.

CARA was held to be the most suitable solution
due to its capabilities meeting all the City’s required needs and much more. The system was easy to implement and manage, and the Generis team helped with onsite presence to showcase the capabilities of the system, making it easier than ever to onboard employees and other City departments whilst providing real-time insights and knowhow.

City of Sacramento Streamlines its Operations and Efficiencies with the CARA Content Management Platform from Generis.

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