Fast, friendly and flexible User Interface for Documentum, Oracle WebCenter and Alfresco. Full configuration toolsuite.

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Client use cases

Top 20 Global Life Science company

Top 20 Global Life Science company

This global Life Science company selected CARA as an enterprise wide tool, and has implemented already for Regulatory Submissions documents. The company is currently deploying for other use cases including SOPs / GxP documentation and Legal Affairs.

Global Television Network

Global Television Network

This global television network uses CARA for managing its marketing information, tracking pricing of products at competitors and dashboarding the efficiency of the time-to-broadcast process of its products.

Top 20 Global Life Science company

Top 20 Global Life Science company

This company selected CARA for enterprise deployment across all content management systems, ranging from SOP / Quality, through Regulatory Correspondence, Pharmacovigilance to Archiving and Technical Documentation.

Government Agency

Government Agency

This Government agency has implemented CARA for users across multiple departments including Environment, Finance, IT and Back Office.

Global Insurance company

Global Insurance company

CARA was selected by this global re-insurance company to provide the end user interface on top of its Documentum system for managing all claims documentation and customer / promotional materials documentation.


CARA © PATENT PENDING is a fast, friendly and flexible User Interface for Documentum, Oracle WebCenter and Alfresco.  It is powered by a full business rules configuration toolsuite with extensive customization capabilities.

Key features

Everyone works in different ways – so users in CARA are able to make choices and changes to the way CARA looks and works for them, and these are saved automatically and used wherever the user logs in, including mobile.

Flexible Navigation
Users can build their own navigation tree (“Dimensions”), choosing what each level maps to.  Admins can set up more complex queries to display as navigable trees (“SnapLists”) – e.g. “Show me my department’s documents which expire in 30, 60, 90 days”.

One-click display of information about a document – choose from core set (e.g. properties, workflows, thumbnails) or create your own, linking in any web service as a widget e.g. information from another system. See multiple at once, and personalize them with drag & drop.

Different views for different users
Define different views for different user groups / usage scenarios. Specify different properties, widgets, filters, colours, searches and other options, allowing users to work in the way that best supports their processes.

Simplified User Experiences
Not all users need all features; have occasional users login directly to a single Inbox view, or a company SOP search portal, or an external contributor upload site, through simple configuration.

Dashboards / Reports
Don’t let your metadata go to waste – use it for reporting on project progress, metrics, and more.  Show the results as tables, charts or graphs, and export it all to Excel.

Extending core features
CARA provides access to all the core features of the underlying system, while offering extensions and improvements to many of them, for example virtual documents and workflows.

Fully Configurable AND Customizable
CARA has a very rich set of configurations, which allows setup of use cases from SOPs to Media Marketing to Government or Engineering systems.  But beware systems that are only configurable – CARA can be fully customized – add any menu item, custom screen and define the processing (queries, API, server method, RESTful web service, JavaScript), but package it in our unique “Configurable Customization” wrapper to ensure one-click transport between environments and future upgradeability without re-coding.

Rich REST web services layer
Third party applications can make use of the CARA REST web services to work with CARA.

Our clients’ opinions

  • As a closet-case developer, I think I couldn’t have designed the product any better. We chose the product because it was a clear leader among the others. It is truly a great product and designed with the user in mind (simplicity to achieve business processes).

    IT Technical Lead Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • We did a comparison of D2 vs. CARA to replace Webtop and found CARA to be far superior in the features our users, as well as Administrators, value. In addition to a very robust, stable, and highly configurable product, there were two other things that tipped the scales dramatically in favor of CARA. One was the responsiveness of Generis to suggestions for enhancements and the remarkable turn-around time in which we were given the updates for testing purposes.Read the Press Release.

    Barb Buschmann IT Director, Sargento
  • This is truly remarkable. I honestly do not recall ever seeing a sentiment change of this magnitude from improvement of a system. This is a fantastic accomplishment and completed seamlessly.

    Ashley Birch Global Head, Information Strategy, Systems and Analytics at AstraZeneca
  • I would like to express to you the enthusiasm that me and my team have, since CARA replaced our previous system! CARA is easier to use and faster! If our previous system was moving at the speed of a bus, CARA is moving at the speed of a fighter aircraft! Now we do not wait for minutes to refresh the page and proceed! I really cannot express how big the impact is to our everyday interactions with the system! Please share my appreciation to the team who approved it and developed it! They have done a fantastic job!

    Head of Regulatory Affairs Multinational BioPharmaceutical Company
  • The responsiveness of Generis to suggestions for enhancements and the remarkable turn-around time in which we were given the updates tipped the scales

  • Your response time and delivery has been phenomenal (not just good)

    Marie Yunis Project Manager, MFS
  • A very robust, stable and highly configurable product

Download the CARA mobile app

Navigate, search, favorites, view content and properties, complete workflows, create and read QR codes, and work offline in this mobile version of the CARA application for Documentum.