Review and co-authoring

Using CARA’s co-authoring and review solutions, you will reduce both the length of time needed for the document’s production and the number of review cycles required.

CARA offers various solutions and integrations to facilitate collaborative authoring and review. These are all seamlessly accessed and managed directly through CARA.

Box / Google Docs / Sharepoint

CARA’s collaboration connectors allow the authoring of documents using familiar authoring environments.

Documents are checked out to these tools and those invited to collaborate can easily access the document directly for editing.


CARA Annotation Services

CARA Annotation Services allows the universal viewing, annotation and redaction of documents. It allows people to simultaneously mark up the document, collaborating with both co-workers and external stakeholders. The document is accessed in CARA and then automatically opens in the Preview pane.


Documents can be edited and reviewed in a unique, controlled, secure and simple to use environment. Multiple participants can work on the same document at the same time, so there is no need for everyone to check out the document separately. Everyone can view and reply to others’ contributions, whilst all accepted changes to the document are automatically incorporated into the document text.

PleaseReview’s specialist functionality also provides automatic change consolidation, easy comment reconciliation and owner control over the document style and format.