Data Migration

Whether you need to migrate data between repositories, migrate system objects between environments or perform the batch import and export of documents, our solutions make the process easy, accurate and fast.


Complex data migrations or clean-up made easy.
End user batch import and export made even easier.

Migration Tools

DocMigrator provides functionality to migrate data between repositories on the same platform or across platforms, or even back to the source to do a data cleanup. Functionality includes:

  • Rules-based mapping of metadata: replacement, concatenation, substrings, query-based updates, adding and dropping values
  • Handling of versions, renditions and virtual documents
  • Migration of related objects, including remapping of object IDs (for WebPublisher)
  • Keep original creation / modify dates and users.

Migration Tools

For Documentum only, SysMigrator allows migration of all system objects required to support migrating content from one environment to another, including:

  • Users, groups, roles
  • ACLs
  • Types
  • Procedures
  • Workflow templates
  • Jobs and Methods
  • Registered tables
  • TBOs / SBOs
  • Any custom system objects.

including BTA

BatchPorter simplifies end user batch import and export, and even automated processing (using Background Transfer Agent BTA), using Excel for the metadata.

Key features include:

  • Creation of drop-downs in Excel from Documentum data dictionaries to facilitate subsequent import mapping
  • Handling of versions and renditions
  • Import and export of virtual documents / folder hierarchies
  • Creation of folders as required
  • Creation of an ‘errors’ Excel sheet containing failed items to be re-run separately.

Use Cases

  • US Government Institution office rented Generis Migration Tools for a one-off upgrade activity when deploying a new Documentum version
  • Global pharmaceutical company uses the BatchPorter tool to import several hundred clinical documents at a time when many of their clinical studies are being run by external companies
  • Major global bank uses Generis Migration Tools to migrate data between Documentum repositories inside and outside the firewall, to synchronise information.