Systems Integrations

Organisations are demanding simple, agile solutions to manage their content but ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems are often difficult or expensive to customise, let alone integrate with third party tools.

CARA, with its fully featured interface and configuration capabilities has become the solution of choice for those looking for a means to access and manage all information from a single platform and as a replacement for legacy systems.

CARA fits ideally within the evolving concept of information management as it is designed as a fast and extremely flexible user interface to connect individually or simultaneously to multiple systems.

Customizations can be done to modify existing functionality or create new functionality and hooked into CARA through configuration. CARA integrates with the underlying system and any third party systems required, making it a single point of access portal to all the functionality and content you need.


The benefits are clear:

Other platforms


Legacy system

Continually evolving and innovating

Ever increasing user base
Fully suported

Dated technology and UI

Modern, flexible and high performing UI

Intuitive, yet functionally rich

Enterprise single solution

Umbrella UI over multiple applications

Enabling communication across applications
No single point of failure
No data migration issues

Expensive to develop and customise

Highly configurable

Minimal custom coding
Reduced timescales and cost

New product every few years

Longest estabilished product

Fast to deploy, CARA can be configured on top of your existing environment, or in a new environment, and made ready to go in a short space of time. Ongoing upkeep of the system is similarly streamlined, reducing costs.

If considering upgrading, there are 3 options:

Parallel systems

  • Install CARA on the same infrastructure
  • Keep content separate, i.e. separate cabinet and folders
  • Each client’s functionality is tied to its cabinets / documents

Shared content

  • Both the existing platform and CARA use the same underlying repository
  • Mimic the existing platform features and functionality in CARA
  • Data must remain consistent regardless of the client

New system

  • Install CARA on a separate infrastructure
  • Either migrate data to new system or archive the existing platform