User Experience

CARA is an ergonomically designed, fast, web user interface to connect individually or simultaneously to multiple content management systems including our own, Box, Amazon S3, SharePoint, Documentum and Alfresco.

CARA facilitates the creation, review, approval and management of documents and is underpinned by a business rules configuration layer which allows rapid setup and configuration of the repository to requirements.

CARA’s key features include:


Everyone works in different ways – so users in CARA can make choices and changes to the way CARA looks and works for them, and these are saved automatically and used wherever the user logs in, including mobile.

Flexible Navigation

Users can build their own navigation tree (Dimensions), choosing what each level maps to.  Admins can set up more complex queries to display as navigable trees (SnapLists) – e.g. “Show me my department’s documents which expire in 30, 60, 90 days”.

Searching made easy

With seven different ways to search, CARA provides quick ways for users to get their information; from instant type-ahead results through dynamic folders to filtered reports – never lose anything again.

One-click display of information

CARA widgets show all you need to know about a document – choose from a core set (e.g. properties, workflows, thumbnails) or create your own. See multiple widgets at once and personalise them with drag & drop.

Different views for different users

Define different views for different user groups or usage scenarios. Specify the properties, widgets, filters, colours, searches and other options, allowing users to work in the way that best supports their processes.

Simplified User Experiences

Not all users need all features. Occasional users can log in directly to a single Inbox view, or a company SOP search portal, or an external contributor upload site, through simple configuration.

Comprehensive Dashboards and Reports

Don’t let your metadata go to waste – use it for reporting on project progress, metrics and more.  Show the results as tables, charts or graphs, and export it all to Excel.

Extend core features

CARA provides access to all the core features of your underlying system, while offering extensions and improvements to many, such as virtual documents and workflows.

Fully Configurable AND Customisable

CARA has a rich set of configurations, allowing the setup of use cases from SOPs to Media Marketing to Government or Engineering systems.  Unlike systems that are only configurable – CARA can be fully customised – add any menu item, custom screen and define the processing (queries, API, server method, RESTful web service, JavaScript). These are packaged in our unique Configurable Customization wrapper to ensure one-click transport between environments and future upgradeability without the need for re-coding.

Rich REST web services layer

Third party applications can make use of the CARA REST web services to work with CARA.