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In many industries now, leading companies have realised the ability to handle data and documents interchangeably gives them a new freedom to transform how they operate and the experiences they enable – and even further, to extract data from documents and build documents from data. The key is the ability to do this quickly, reliably and with the lightest touch.

The life sciences industry may have been slower to appreciate the benefits of holistic data/document management, but that is changing rapidly as business pressures and evolving regulatory requirements prompt organisations to overhaul the way they handle information in its various formats. Here, life sciences data/content management visionaries, Steve Gens of Gens & Associates, Remco Munnik of Iperion and James Kelleher of Generis, discuss the drivers for digital transformation of data and documents management in life sciences, the practicalities of delivering it, and the opportunities it opens up.

Business and technology journalist, Sue Tabbitt, chaired the discussion.