End-to-End Animal Health solution

Manage your Regulatory, Safety and Quality documents,
together with RIM data, PV cases and QMS in one platform

How do I understand and manage my Animal Health information?

CARA provides the optimal solution to the situation – allowing Animal Health companies to have a single enterprise platform for Regulatory, RIM and PV that simplifies the business users’ experience, with the data seamlessly connected to submission assemblies and individual documents, allowing full traceability, impact analysis and an easy Current Approved View of your products globally – all while meeting NVR requirements.  Coupled with our standard Quality / SOP and QMS module, this provides an easy place to do all your work with content and data.


  • Document classification and metadata based on NVR and other industry guidelinces
  • Creation of content based on templates
  • Collaborative authoring – multiple users simultaneously
  • Review and approval of content including eSignature
  • Create submission structure in CARA and assign content
  • Publish with a variety of tools from our partners
  • Manage RIM Application and Registration data via Events and Activities
  • Capture PV cases, including associated documents, and submit to agencies
  • Manage Quality / SOP documentation with full QMS capabilities linked in

Reduce errors managing your RIM data for different markets

Remove the complexity of getting the right information for the right market by letting the system guide you through what you need to provide.

Meet NVR requirements whilst maintaining corporate data

Ensure that submitted information aligns with requirements from your regulators and standard terms, without overhauling your corporate data.

Understand and control what is submitted where

Instantly view what has been approved in any given market with full traceability through global and local submissions and correspondence.

Track and manage safety compliance in a single system

Capture case data and the associated documentation in a secure, version-controlled manner with data vocabularies coming from the industry.