Enterprise Content Management

Generis is a leader in content and information management systems. Our mission is to provide industry-defining implementations that are fast and intuitive in order to bring our customers an enjoyable and efficient experience that allows them to focus on their work.

From providing a compelling user experience to managing the migration process, we provide the best technology and tools for regulated companies.

The User Experience

CARA is our fast, friendly and flexible User Interface for leading content management systems. Powered by a full business rules configuration toolsuite – and with extensive customisation capabilities, CARA is a step ahead of other solutions.

Learn why over 60 companies have chosen CARA for the ultimate user experience.

Mobile Apps

CARA is fully accessible via mobile and tablet browsers. However, the dedicated CARA mobile app delivers mobile functionality to all users, whether using CARA or another Documentum user interface or application. The mobile app provides the same ease of installation and configuration as other CARA products.

System Integrations

CARA is the user interface for Documentum, Box, Oracle WebCenter and Alfresco. With its range of search and navigation options, personalised user views, full range of features and speed of deployment, CARA is the logical choice when looking for a superior alternative to your existing platform for Documentum, Box, Oracle WebCenter or Alfresco.

Data Migration

Generis solutions make it easy to migrate or clean data, system objects and content from one repository to another. This is of particular importance when mapping information across multiple platforms or Documentum docbases.