Tailored Solutions for Financial Services

CARA provides the functionality required to support a range of use cases in Financial Services from mortgage and loan applications or other case-management activities, through managing marketing materials or due diligence documentation.

In a cost-driven industry, CARA helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency, providing a large ROI.

As a compliance heavy industry, Financial Services is focused on policies, procedures and corporate governance. This requires the strict management of a considerable amount of documentation whilst also meeting regulators’ security, compliance and transparency requirements.

Our content management solution, CARA, simplifies the process by providing a fast and flexible user interface with the control, business rules and breadth of functionality necessary to ensure regulatory compliance.

Of particular use within corporate governance, the comprehensive audit trail and personalised dashboards provide an easy mechanism to view and track all activity.

CARA benefits

Maximise the user experience
simple to learn and use and personalised to each individual’s requirements

Access and manage content from one place
a single destination user interface, integrated seamlessly with multiple systems

Meet corporate and regulatory standards
configure CARA to suit your exact requirements

Supports the full document lifecycle
from creation to access, search, review, approval and publication

Automate manual processes
with CARA workflows

Easily navigate and search content
CARA provides multiple ways to access the information you need

Securely access content on the go
our mobile apps give you the full CARA experience

Securely share information with external partners
secure third-party access, watermarking and more

Learn more about how CARA can help with certain scenarios:

Gen Re selected CARA

Gen Re selected CARA

Gen Re selected CARA after piloting both CARA and D2 to replace Documentum Webtop. User satisfaction was so high it has now been deployed enterprise-wide.

Global Insurance company

Global Insurance company

CARA was selected by this global re-insurance company to provide the end user interface on top of its Documentum system for managing all claims documentation and customer / promotional materials documentation.