Tailored Solutions for Utilities and Energy

CARA provides a full suite of information and content management capabilities for Utility and Energy companies – from managing regulatory documents to processing customer accounts, and from engineering and technical drawing management to maps / geo-location based content.

Streamline your processes with CARA, helping reduce costs and improve ROI.

Utilities and energy companies have to produce and manage large amounts of information and content in order to maintain compliance and maintain systems and customer data.

Furthermore, minimising operating expenses, increasing operational efficiency and delivering maximum value to customers and shareholders puts pressure on IT departments to deliver solutions that satisfy business requirements but minimise overheads.

CARA facilitates this process by providing the tools to manage both data and documents in a unified UI. Examples include:

  • Policies, procedures and safety guidelines to ensure a compliant working environment
  • Reports, submissions and other documentation associated with regulatory filings
  • Managing customer account and contractor information
  • CAD and other technical drawing management together with transmittals
  • Ability to geo-tag documents and data and then search by location

CARA benefits

Maximise the user experience
simple to learn and use and personalised to each individual’s requirements

Access and manage content from one place
a single destination user interface, integrated seamlessly with multiple systems

Meet corporate and regulatory standards
configure CARA to suit your exact requirements

Supports the full document lifecycle
from creation to access, search, review, approval and publication

Automate manual processes
with CARA workflows

Easily navigate and search content
CARA provides multiple ways to access the information you need

Securely access content on the go
our mobile apps give you the full CARA experience

Securely share information with external partners
secure third-party access, watermarking and more