Over 20 Years

Our consultants have decades of experience in regulated industries


With hundreds of projects behind us, you’re in safe hands with Generis – we care even more than you about getting the most out of CARA.

We know requirements for regulated businesses can differ vastly from company to company, from group to group, and we work side-by-side with your team to realise these goals.


Honesty is the core principle of our consulting. All projects have unexpected hurdles, but we shine a light on these, work with you to create inventive solutions, and ensure we stay on track.

We share a platform for issue tracking, discussion, and management, so that you’re always seeing what we’re seeing.


We pride ourselves in being approachable, fun, and personal. A project runs most successfully when the individuals know and understand each other well, and we all work differently.

That’s why our consultants become part of your work family, always accessible by text, phone, skype or smoke signal.

Requirements Help

We’ve seen far more URS documents than we care to admit, and some of them (no names) could use a helping hand. Whether you’re writing requirements or user stories, we can help you to ensure that your requirements are sensible, realistic, and system-agnostic.

Our unique approach to running requirements workshops, drilling down to Business Explanations and then Technical Execution Descriptions, and signing off the system based on complete user understanding of what we are delivering, ensures faster projects and high user satisfaction.

Project Mgmt & Consulting

Since Generis was founded in 1998 as ‘Generis Consulting’, we have firm roots in helping businesses implement CARA.

From requirements workshops, through configuration, validation, training, and migration, we offer experts who can drive and maintain your transformation.

Refreshment Projects

We were really excited when you chose CARA back in 2009, but that was actually quite a long time ago…

Given that we often release upwards of 20 enhancements with each incremental release, there’s a lot of functionality to take advantage of, even if you’ve stayed up to date.

We offer refreshment projects and training to help existing customers make the most of CARA’s new features. The tools to drastically improve your system are in your hands! Let us show you and maximise your investment.