Records Management – easy and secure

Records Management is a business-critical capability, and having the ability with CARA to streamline processes and reduce costs is a major benefit. CARA provides full functionality for controlling the creation, distribution, use, maintenance, and disposition of recorded information, which needs to be maintained as evidence of business activities and transactions.


Create File Plans or choose one of our preconfigured ones. These define retention periods, disposition rules, folder locations (if appropriate – they can also be driven by document type). Assigning a record to a file plan will bring all the associated documents under the control of these rules.


Secure electronic records based on the file plans, attaching multiple documents to a single record if required. The documents can be in CARA or a linked system, but are prevented from being modified or deleted for the period of the defined retention.


Create a record of paper files, which can include definition of location (configurable, e.g. building / room / cabinet numbers) as well as geo-tagging which allows a maps-based search for records. Bar codes additionally allow association of paper records with the electronic record.


The important corollary to retention is proper destruction or purging of records at the end of the retention periods. Again, you can define multiple purging categories, and specify the decommissioning options (e.g. remove content only and keep metadata, move to archive, completely destroy).