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Structured Content Authoring for Labelling

CARA provides the tools to assemble individual components and re-use them in multiple assemblies, then render those asemblies into a Word document for multiple authors to edit simultaneously, or to render to PDF for final review and approval.

Streamline Your Medical Inquiry Process

The process of receiving and responding to Medical Inquiries is very complex and typically involves many systems; this can be detrimental to the project timeline and cost of dealing with Inquiries, as well as compliance with data privacy.

Upgrading from Webtop: why consider the Generis CARA User Interface for Documentum

Generis leads the way in offering an alternative to existing interfaces for Documentum. CARA, Generis’ superior User Interface for Documentum offers fully configurable, high performing, and easy-to use functionality – meeting client requirements, whatever their business and expectations.

This video demonstrates what makes CARA so popular.

CARA preconfigured for Quality / GxP documentation

Generis have released an updated CARA preconfigured module for Quality, SOP and GxP documentation based on the DIA Reference Model, assuring 100% compliance. Watch this recorded webinar to see how this module provides the functionality needed to manage all kinds of Quality Management documentation.

CARA for Medical Devices

CARA now assists Medical Device Companies in meeting FDA and other regulatory and quality requirements for the design, development and manufacture of Medical Devices, based on the DIA’s Reference Model. Watch our video to learn more.