Document Production / PDF Services

CARA provides a full range of tools to manipulate PDF documents including eSignature, hyperlink management, PDF compilation and watermarking.

Check PDF for a range of issues

Misalignments and misplaced watermarks
Bookmark and hyperlink issues
Pagination faults
PDF Accessibility for new global Health Authority requirements
Security settings, legibility, colours and more

Integrated with CARA and other DMS systems

PDFReady is fully and seamlessly integrated into CARA for one-click functionality. It can be directly integrated with any Documentum-based
product, including D2, FirstDoc or Webtop, or integrated via REST with any non-Documentum system.

Fix the PDF

PDFReady will fix many of these issues automatically, removing most manual work; any issues that may need a user decision are reported neatly and intuitively for immediate action. The PDF is returned either as a new rendition or replacing the original PDF rendition/content.

Cloud or On Premise

The PDFReady tool is available for installation on premise or via REST API from our GxP cloud service, offered as multi-tenant or VIP single tenant based on your requirements.


CARA has integrations with both Adobe Sign and DocuSign to bring electronic and digital signature to CARA users in a safe, secure, and legally binding manner. The eSignature process is easy to assign and issue and can be added as a simple step in the document’s workflow process.

This means that CARA users can prepare and send a document for eSignature to both Documentum and non-Documentum recipients. Email notifications are issued to participants where they can access the document(s) to be signed. All transactions are secure and a full audit trail is captured throughout the process. Signature status can also be reported via CARA Dashboards for ease of navigation.

Hyperlink management

CARA, through its hyperlink management solution DocLink, manages cross-document hyperlinks contained in documents stored in a repository. Often, links are based on the document’s folder path and do not work when clicked. DocLink processes these links when viewing from the repository, and updates them to point to the target back in the repository, so that clicking on the link will fetch the target correctly.

PDF compilation and publishing

The majority of business documents are compiled by multiple authors, yet the final publication usually needs to be a single PDF document. This PDF must contain all source components, including page numbers, tables of contents, headers and footers and more. CARA DocPublisher performs the collation of multiple PDF files into a single file PDF including bookmark extraction, whilst DocSecure adds the necessary components such as a cover page, numbering, unified headers and footers and other functions required.


Watermarks ensure confidential information can be protected in a PDF document, making it immediately recognizable as containing highly confidential information.

DocSecure applies dynamic security watermarks to PDF files, ensuring control and compliance and letting you be sure that others are aware of the document’s confidentiality. These can automatically display identity information such as the person’s name, email, employee ID, and the time/date that they’re displaying the protected PDF document.