Tailored Solutions for Government

CARA provides full capabilities for government agencies to manage all content from sensitive internal information through to full public access portal. This includes the ability to navigate content using maps / geolocation (e.g. ArcGIS).

In a cost-driven industry, having the ability for CARA to help reduce costs and improve efficiency provide a large ROI.

Government and other public sector organisations are immersed in highly regulated procedures which are document and metric intensive. The challenge is to adhere to these rules whilst also maximising productivity and accountability with contractors, the public and service providers. Used extensively by government bodies, CARA is used across a variety of departments, from homeland security to county government.

CARA provides the stable, collaborative environment needed to securely manage information and meet transparency, governance and compliance requirements.

CARA is a modern, fast web application for Documentum and other Enterprise Management Systems and is designed to facilitate the creation, review, approval and management of documents. It leverages core repository functionality while also providing performance enhancements and ergonomic improvements. Specialist functionality allows you to better manage controlled and complex documents and CARA’s comprehensive reporting tools keep an accurate record of all activity for metrics and auditing purposes.

With its extensive configuration capabilities, CARA allows you to manage all kinds of documentation whilst at the same time assuring high user satisfaction thanks to its extensive personalisation capabilities. This ranges from granular security for sensitive documents, to a portal capability to provide both public and contractor access to open documents. The image / video, CAD and Maps / Geolocation capabilities support content that is not just in document form, but in a variety of formats that arise in different government departments.

CARA benefits

Maximise the user experience
simple to learn and use and personalised to each individual’s requirements

Access and manage content from one place
a single destination user interface, integrated seamlessly with multiple systems

Meet corporate and regulatory standards
configure CARA to suit your exact requirements

Supports the full document lifecycle
from creation to access, search, review, approval and publication

Automate manual processes
CARA workflows can be configured to mandate specific processes

Easily navigate and search content
CARA provides multiple ways to access the information you need

Securely access content on the go
our mobile apps give you the full CARA experience

Securely share information with external partners
secure third-party access, watermarking and more